Development steps

We act at each step of the development process.

  1. We help you define your needs
  2. We explore existing solutions
  3. We sketch custom systems according to your needs and check their feasability
  4. We design and simulate from single components to full systems
  5. We program the interface to let you easily control our systems
  6. We support you

At each milestone, we decide together to go further, or to reconsider the problem. We give you all the information we can to allow you to take the best decisions.

Software tools

We use the best tools... at full power.

Code V and Zemax are our CAD tools.
And we use either Matlab or Scilab as rough numerical computation tool or to build custom simulation engines.
We integrate C, C++ or Python to extend the capabilities of our tools, using proven libraries to reduce the development costs.


We develop for you:

  • Camera acquisition modules with specific image processing software to integrate into your own acquisition chain
  • Static (Diffractive Optical Elements) or dynamic (Spatial Light Modulator) wavefront reshaping modules
  • High precision alignment benches with fully automated control software
  • ...